Launchy : An efficient way to Search and Open Programs, Websites, Files and Folders

Launchy is the most efficient way to open files, folders, websites, and programs on your computer.It  works in the Background and Tries to guess what you are searching and Opens it when you hit the Enter Key and disappears in the Background

How Launchy Works

When Launchy runs it disappears to the background. You have to press ‘alt+space’ (control+space in Linux) in order to invoke Launchy.launchyType the name of the File,Folder,Website Document that you wish to search and Launchy will open it for You.This is extremely Useful when You wish to open a File or a Folder But don’t Know where the File /Folder resides in your computer.

How Launchy Can be Useful ?

Open files,Folders and Documents : Type the name of a File or folder that You want to open and Launchy searches its Index and Shows you Suggestions.It also Supports Explorer View so you can always explore a certain Folder from Launchy itself. You can Search for Files and Folders when you type in Xp but with launchy its even more easier

Explore Folders in launchy

Open Websites : You can open Websites and import your Firefox Bookmarks into Launchy.This makes it even more useful.Just type the keyword of the website to open it ( e.g just type CNN to open

Perform Search from Launchy :You can search in Multiple Search engines from Launchy Itself.Supports the following search keywords:Google, msn, yahoo, live, weather, amazon, wikipedia, dictionary, thesaurus,netflix, and msdn websearch. Type in any of these keywords, hit tab,type in your search query, and hit enter!

Enter Command line flags : You can Enter Command line options into your Queries.To enter Command line queries Select the application,hit tab and Enter your Argument.For instance, type in “fire” for Firefox and once Firefox is selected, hit tab and then enter followed by the enter key.

Create Aliases of your favorite commands : This is what makes Launchy Interesting.You can create Your Commands that require user input.For example : create the command “mailto: $1”with the alias of “email” . Then, when you type “email” into Launchy, hit tab,and then type the email address the email address will replace the $1 and your email client will launch.

Perform calculations : Launchy Is intelligent and Knows Basic Algebra ! Type in Some simple math and Launchy will Show you the result without opening your default calculator program.This calculator is limited to +,/,-,* and parenthesis.

See the following Video Demonstration of Launchy :

Launchy was First Created by Josh Carlin for his own Use but later he planned to Distribute it.

Download Launchy

Already a launchy User and love using It ?.Don’t Miss Adam pash’s extensive Guide On application launching with Launchy.

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