10 Great Learning Websites For Elderly Computer Users

Computers are not just for the young – older people are getting on the computer to learn and communicate too. Here are ten great websites to aide elderly computer users in learning everything from how to navigate a computer screen with their mouse, to where to find important information on retirement.

Learning websites for Elderly Computer Users

1. Microsoft Accessibility

This handy website from Microsoft teaches the computer user how to turn on and use accessibility features like increased screen font size and adjusting keyboard response with lively, easy to understand text and cartoons.

2. Computer Help For People over 50

Part of a series of websites intended to teach the absolute basics of computer usage to seniors, this website features a simple layout with a large font and contrasting colors to make all of the steps easy to see. Each link to an instruction page, has clear information about what the link is taking the user to and how to get back to the home page. This site teaches the basic use of the Windows operating system on a personal computer.

3. Internet Basics For Seniors

The second website in the basics series. This site teaches seniors how to use a web browser and navigate the Internet using the same techniques as its sister site.

4. ABC’s Of Computing

Created for seniors who need an even more basic level of instruction than the site in the number two spot on this list, this website teaches computing from the very beginning of how to move a mouse and slowly works up to teaching basic word processing.

5. Senior.Net

SeniorNet is a hub for a wide variety f learning opportunities for seniors. They offer a long list of free self-paced computer tutorials. Their instructor led online classes include many computer topics and a popular class teaching Latin to senior learners.


The American Association of Retired People’s website connects seniors with the type of in depth information on important health and political issues that seniors expect from the well known organization.

7. USA.Gov Senior Citizen Resources

This website provides links to government related information, resources and discounts for seniors.

8. Today’s Seniors

An excellent resource for financial and insurance information for senior citizens and the caretakers of the elderly.

9. Eons

Eons is an social networking site where seniors can virtually meet, make friends and exchange information.

10. Eldr.com

Eldr.com is an online magazine that celebrates getting older. Articles cover everything from entertainment to investment and education.

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