Let People Email You Without Knowing Your Email Address

There are many ways to hide your email address from spam bots or people with ill intentions. The best being providing the email address as an image file (as in Facebook). But somebody who wants to harm you, can read the email address from the image file as they can still see it. Whspr is a service which lets people email you, without revealing your email address to them.

How Does It work ?

Its like shopping online with Paypal without revealing your credit card information. You provide your email address to Whspr and in return, they will provide you a unique Whspr URL. The URL is a link to the page containing a simple form which someone can use to contact you. The form collects the sender’s email address and then sends you the message from that email address, thereby providing you an option to reply the sender.

Visit the Whspr homepage. Enter your email address in the space provided. You can add description to make the contact form more meaningful. There is also one option where you can decide when the Whspr URL expires (max is 365 days). After you are done, press the “Create my whspr!” button.

Now you will get redirected to your Whspr URL details page which contains the unique Whspr URL created for you and also a button to delete your Whspr URL. Do not share the details page (link) with anyone or he/she may delete your Whspr URL.

Once you get your unique Whspr URL, you can share it with others. Anyone visiting your Whspr URL will be provided with a form that can be used to contact you. The sender have to put in his/her email address to send a mail.

Once the message is sent, you will receive a mail directly from the sender’s address making it easy for you to reply the mail directly to the sender. Every email sent using your Whspr URL contains a link (Confirmation page) to the details page.


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