No Time For Typing Classes ? Learn Professional Typing At Home

Anytime we do something on our PC we need to type. Be it coding or writing or simply chatting. Unfortunately, most of us adopt “Find and Hit” method to type which maybe convenient but, we can never achieve the max typing speed. Letter Chase is a free tool that will provide pro-tutorials for learning “Blindfold” typing method. This tool provides three levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) of training, each including multiple exercises.

1. Download Letter Chase and install it on your PC. After it is installed, start the tool.


2. If you are a first time user you have to create a new user. This will ensure that you are not skipping any level before accessing the immediate next (or any other exercise, meant to be taken in the next level).


3. Now go to “Beginner Drills” and select any exercise under it. The practices are meant to be taken from top to bottom. I’ll be selecting “Home Row Only”.


4. Now press spacebar to start the lesson. You will find visual help as you go through the practice session.


5. After you have finished the lesson you will be shown your performance stats in Numerical and Graphical format.


Being a blogger, typing is an ultimate necessity for me and trust me I’m taking lessons everyday from it and I have already gained my speed. I am sure you will be benefited too. Please share your experiences on this free tool.(also read – How to Disable Laptops Touchpad While You are Typing)


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