LifeOnTwitter Visualizes The Way You Use Your Twitter Account

The famous Micro Blogging Platform, Twitter is one of the most visited places on the Internet. With around 175 million registered users, it is one of the most popular social platforms out there. With it’s unique design, it is the best place for famous people on the planet right now. If you want to search for a celebrity, Twitter is the first place you should be looking for.
Twitter gave people the ability to tweet what ever they experience in their life with 140 characters text. It became a place for textual running commentary if any event is happening around the world. People share their views using hashtags on twitter. It is the best place to know what’s trending on the world right now. It also has mentions, personal messages, photo and video sharing options to connect more with world. If a news is trending, some websites look for best tweets regarding that topic and embed that tweet as a mention.

If you use twitter regularly and tweet your views on twitter regularly, you tweet about various topics, connect with various people on twitter everyday. Did you ever is there a way to analyze how we use twitter? If you want to know how to do that, you’ve came to the right place. And Yes, there is a web service which does exactly that for you. Its called Life On Twitter.


How to use it?

Well, that’s pretty simple. You just need to go to the website and Sign in with Twitter. You will be redirected to Your account and Life On twitter asks permission to use your account data. Grant permission and that’s it. This site has easy simple interface with nice design and displays information in a readable way. It will analyze your last 1000 tweets and displays results in various categories such as

  • Most used Emojis which includes your re tweets
  • Who are your 5 best friends – depending on number of mentions you used. Lists those IDs along with number of mentions you used.
  • Your following ratio percentage depending on how many number of users you have overall and how many followed in the time.
  • Number of tweets you’ve tweeted on Each day of the week- Day, number of tweets and percentage of those tweets
  • Most used Hashtags – Top 5 hashtags used by you and number of times you mentioned them
  • What percentage of your tweets actually contained hashtags in those 1000 tweets
  • Accounts that influence you – From which you mostly shared info in those 1000 tweets
  • Most popular 5 tweets depending on how many times they got Favorited and share by your followers

You can share your report on twitter and Facebook so that your friends know it.


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