How to Limit/Block Bandwidth of Particular Program in Windows

Windows is popular because it comes with loads of free software those will help you to do something differently, quickly and easily. If you are a new PC user or someone, who often install many software to get things done, may often face a problem. That is over data usage. In many forums, several people have claimed that their Windows machines are consuming more data than usual.

That may happen if you install any program that can consume data from the background. This is a common issue. So, to block such programs from using limitless bandwidth, there is no such use-friendly option in Windows 10 or earlier versions.

Here is a Windows software called NetBalancer that is basically an internet traffic control tool for Microsoft’s OS. It is typically a paid software but you can try the trial version with all the premium features for a particular span of time.

Features of NetBalancer

NetBalancer has a lot of useful features, what may help you to limit or block bandwidth of particular program in Windows. So, apart from that, you can implement rules/filters to let an app use the bandwidth, add password, monitor all the processes, check incoming/outgoing bandwidth, support for IPv6, traffic charts and more others. In other words, you can easily control your internet traffic for a PC. This is very easy to use and features are well categorized.

Limit / Block Bandwidth of Particular Program in Windows

The main purpose of NetBalancer is you can limit or block bandwidth of particular program in Windows. As there is no such special system requirement, you can install this software on any version of Windows including Windows 10, 8, 7 etc. After installation, you will have to restart your PC. Then, you will get a window like this,

NetBalancer start screen

Here you can find all the apps those are currently running and using your internet connection. Now, to limit the bandwidth or block the incoming and outgoing connection of any program, you will have to find out the program. Then, just double click on this. The following window will come up,

How to Limit Block Bandwidth of Particular Program in Windows

Just click on the drop-down menu and select Blocked to block the connection. You can block downloading as well as uploading connection. You can also limit the bandwidth. For that, you have to select Limited and set a limit.

That’s all! This is as simple as that. Hope you will like this tool.

If you like, you can download NetBalancer from here.


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