Listen to Bollywood Movie Songs With Google Music

Just a simple Google search for Bollywood music or Bollywood songs and you will find plenty of websites offering free mp3’s of latest music albums. However there is a problem with these third party sites offering free download of Hindi movie songs.

The first thing is music piracy – most of these sites serve pirated music which is not legal. Secondly, they contain a lot of crappy malware, adware which may sometimes, harm your system.

Now here is a very legal way to listen Bollywood songs online – through Google India Music page.

LIsten to bollywood songs Through Google Music

Google India has partnered with and to stream latest songs from Bollywood movies at their online music portal. These songs are not hosted on Google’s servers, instead they are streamed directly from the partner websites. Your browser must have Flash player installed, although mobile browsers are not supported yet.

Searching for a specific movie song is easy, just type in the name of the film, artist and you are good to go. Google Music will show the song names with a small play button at the left, hit the button and you can listen to the song instantly.

Search for old songs: The sidebar allows you to find old and new Bollywood songs by year, just click through a year name and you will be able to find older songs that was released on 1980’s, 1970’s or earlier. The collection is not vast yet, but over the course of time it is expected to increase.

See all the Album Info: Another neat thing regarding Google India Music portal is the album page, which shows detailed information of a particular music album or film. You get to know the length of a track, the singers, music director and date of release of the album. (see example).

There is yet no option to download these songs on your computer, it’s just a matter of time till someone develops a browser plugin or a service. Also read:  How to watch full length Bollywood movies on YouTube

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