How to Lock Mouse and Keyboard to Block PC Access

Mouse and keyboard are two most essential hardware or elements of a PC to use that without any problem. Although, there are some touch screen display running Windows, but nothing can give the feel like mouse and keyboard. You can easily do anything with your PC using your mouse and keyboard.

But, what if you are between your friends or some people or someone, who can use your PC in your absence. Suppose, you have to leave your PC for sometime but an important downloading is running currently. Therefore, there is no question to lock down your PC or shut it down. Otherwise, your download will be interrupted. At such moments, you can do only one thing.

How to Lock Mouse and Keyboard to Block PC Access

You can use Mouse Lock application on Windows that will help you to lock down your PC completely without shutting it down. The screen will be dimmed and nobody will be able to use your PC without unlocking it.

In otherwise, Mouse Lock app requires a password to lock your PC down. Your PC will be running and all the task will be running in the background. Your PC’s screen will be dimmed and you cannot move your mouse anywhere. You can use your keyboard to just enter the password. Otherwise, nothing will work. Even you can block the task Manager from opening by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. Therefore, there is no risk to close the Mouse Lock app from the Task Manager. Let’s check out the tutorial to use Mouse Lock to lock down your mouse and keyboard to block PC access.

At first, download Mouse Lock app to Windows. It works on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 and there is no such special system requirement. Therefore, if you are running any of the Windows versions, you can easily use Mouse Lock on your machine. The best part is this is a portable app and that implies, there I no need to perform the installation.

After opening this app, you will get a window like this,

Mouse Lock for Windows

It asks users to enter the password and toggle the following things,

  • Kill Task Manager
  • Hide mouse
  • Put mouse to centre
  • Confine mouse within password window
  • Prevent moving of password window
  • Dim background

You can easily set it up according to your wish. At last enter the password and hit the Lock button. Then, you will get only a window to enter the right password.

If someone tries to enter wrong password, it will get stored in the PC and you can find them after entering the correct password.

Stored password of mouse lock

That’s all! Hope this little software can help you a lot.


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