How to Log out from Facebook Messenger on Android

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites out there. Although, there are many other social networking websites yet, the vast majority of people use Facebook because this is synchronized with other apps and websites. On the other hand, Facebook provides the most flexibility. At the same time, Facebook can be used for various reasons by various people. You can communicate with friends, fans/followers. In addition, you can use it for business purpose as it has an advertisement network.

There are many other things what you can do with Facebook. There is another reason behind the popularity. The official Facebook app is available for almost all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and so on. The most beautiful thing is you can get Facebook app to explore Facebook and Facebook Messenger to chat with friends or anyone. This is where it excels.

However, this particular thing has a drawback as well. This is not actually a disadvantage. Facebook Messenger has no such option to log out from it. That simply means, you can log in anytime but you cannot log out whenever you want because there is no user-friendly option. Obviously, you can log out from this, but you need to go through some options to get things done. Not only, Android, but also you cannot log out from Facebook Messenger for iOS and Windows Phone.

Even though, Windows Phone has no option log out from this but fortunately, you can log out from the Messenger if you are using Android. Android has a backdoor that can be used at this moment.

Sometime, we need to log out from the Messenger for different purposes. No matter, what is the reason, but you can easily use these following steps to get things done.

Log out from Facebook Messenger on Android

How to Log out from Facebook Messenger on Android

There is no need to install any third party software or need to root your device because you can just clear the cache. This is as simple as that. Android lets you clear cache of any app so that users can reset the app settings. You can use the same technique to log out from Facebook Messenger. To clear the cache of Facebook Messenger, just follow these steps,

At first, open stock Settings app of your Android device. Following that, tap on App section and find out Facebook Messenger. You can find the name as only Messenger.

Now, just tap on FORCE STOP button and CLEAR DATA buttons respectively.

That’s it! Hope these steps will let you figure out everything.


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