Mac Tips: Disable Password Prompt when Downloading App from App Store

Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the most used platform for computers. iMac and MacBook both are equally awesome for every kind of people. No matter whether you want to use it for business purpose or anything, you can certainly use Mac as your primary computer’s OS. Mac is popular because of stability, exceptional performance and more what make the computer even smarter.

Alike Windows 8+, Mac also comes with an in-built app store that is consisted with thousands of free and paid apps and more what are generally useful for any kind of people like student, businessman, office employee etc. Although, Windows and Mac has similar app store, but the security is better in Mac.

Mac App Store Logo

Whenever, you go to download an app, you will be greeted with a password prompt, where you have to enter the correct Apple ID and password before downloading the app. Not only free apps, but also you can get similar password prompt when you will go to download paid apps. Before purchasing any app, you will have to enter your password that comes with Apple ID. It simply implies how good it is in terms of security.

But, let’s assume that you have to download few couple of apps in your MacBook or Mac OS. That means, you have to enter your password each time when you are downloading or purchasing any app from Mac App Store. Sometime, this seems awkward and bit time consuming. Therefore, if you want to disable password prompt when downloading app from App Store in Mac, here is a solution. You can disable password prompt for free apps as well as purchases. On the other hand, you can enable one password prompt for free apps and enable that for paid apps and vice versa. Here is both of them.

Disable Password Prompt when Downloading App from App Store

This is however very easy and not so time consuming. The most interesting thing is you can do it with the help of in-built option of Mac. That implies you do not have to install any third party software for doing this.

At first, open System Preferences and go to App Store. Here you can find various options to manage your App Store. In the bottom, you can find two options under Password Settings. Two options are as follows,

  • Purchases and In-app Purchases
  • Free Downloads

If you expand the Purchases and In-app Purchases menu, you can find two more options called,

  • Always Require
  • Require After 15 minutes

Although, this is not possible to disable totally for Purchases, but you can select “Require After 15 minutes”.

However, you can find these two options under Free Downloads,

  • Require Password
  • Save Password

By default, it should be set to Require Password. Just change the settings and select Save Password.

Bypass password prompt when downloading free apps from Mac app Store

That’s it! You have done. Now, your Mac will not ask for password when you try to download any free app from Mac App Store.


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