Download All Email Attachments On A Chosen Time And With Chosen Preferences

Due to the presence of various email platforms, sifting through your emails and downloading the attachments becomes a cumbersome task. So presence of a comprehensive and a user friendly email tool will indeed facilitate the users.

Mail Attachment Downloader is just the right tool that you should get your hands on if you are trying to make downloading of email attachments an easy process. It is indeed an awesome desktop utility that offers multitude of options to customize and tailor the downloading of attachments that one receives from multiple email service providers including the likes of Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail and all the other platforms that are supporting the POP/IMAP protocols. One particular factor that makes this desktop utility unique is that it provides users with large option sets and features to download email attachments quickly at any specified location.

Mail Attachment Downloader houses various scheduling options but a positive thing is that users can apply filters while downloading attachments. The common filters are that you can download files as per the extension i.e. images, videos, Office documents or music, download files within a specified data limit or downloading attachments from a particular sender etc.

User Interface of Mail Attachment Downloader


To facilitate all the first time users, developers of this utility software have integrated a detail usage instructions set within the main interface.

How To Use it

It is a very user friendly utility that can be easily learned. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Before starting off, users need to go to the Mail Server selection Tab and choose the email service provider.
  2. After choosing service provider you will have to feed the email account address and the password.
  3. By default, Mail attachment downloader downloads all the different kind of attachments in the Document folder but then users can also select the location of their choice by using the Change location button
  4. Once you have setup the initial configurations, you can move to filters’ section which is sub-divided into Basic and Advance categories.Mail-Attachment-Downloader-User-Interface
  5. The Basic filter tab provides users with the option of either selecting all email messages or only those that have recently arrived.
  6. Advance filter option tab provide users with more detail filters like Subject, Date range etc.
  7. The scheduling option tab enable users to download email attachments according to a set schedule like after every 15 minutes or once in a day.
  8. Once you are done setting up all the options and filters, clicking on the Connect and Download Button will enable you to download attachments in a location specified by you on your drive.

Mail Attachment downloader supports all the present Windows platforms like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

[Download Mail Attachment Downloader]


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