How to Make Google Search in iOS Keyboard

There is no doubt that iOS is one of the best mobile platforms out there. People use iOS because this is more stable and top notch quality. Although, the iOS App Store doesn’t contain as many app as Android has but it is full of awesome applications in the respective app store. Even since Apple launched iOS 8, people have become even happier as iOS 8+ has started supporting third party keyboard and that means, you can ditch your stock keyboard and customize it according to your wish with the help of different apps.

Recently the web giant, Google, has launched a third party keyboard for iOS, which is known as GBoard. In other words, GBoard is one of the best apps that Google has even developed for iOS. It is consisted with so many awesome features those are helping this app to get a better rating within just two days.

Anyway, sometime we need to make Google search even when we are doing something else. For example, you are reading something on the web and you have got an unknown word. Now, suppose, you want to know the meaning of that word or line. At such time, you can simply open a new browser tab and search for the meaning of that word. This is what a normal user does. But if you have GBaord, you can easily make Google searcg in IOS keyboard.

How to search from Gboard for iPhone

You do not have to leave the current app in order to search for something on the web. The second interesting and useful thing is you can include the webpage link along with the webpage title. Not only that, but also you can make Google Image search. Apart from that, this is also possible to search for GIF image. This is why GBoard has got a great rating within two days.

However, if you think that these features of GBoard can help with something, you can follow the following steps to know more about the workflow of GBoard.

How to Make Google Search in iOS Keyboard

At first, you have to enable GBoard as your primary keyboard in your iOS device. To do so, you have to follow this guide. During the activation, you have to give GBoard “Full Access”. Otherwise, it is not going to work like this.

Allow full access to Gboard

If you have done everything like said above, you can find a G button or Google logo over your keyboard. Tap on that to expand the search box. Here, you can type anything and make search for that. The search result looks like this,

Add text or image from Gboard

That’s it! Hope this new feature would help you a lot.


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