Man Wins A Google Chrome Cr-48 Netbook By Solving The Hidden Chrome Puzzle

A couple of days back, Google released the Chrome CR-48 netbook which runs on Google Chrome OS. Currently, the CR-48 notebooks are only available to US residents on a use for trial basis, you can apply through the Pilot program and see whether you get lucky enough.

Few days later, Google released the following offcial video on the Google Chrome YouTube channel, which shows the features of Chrome CR-48 netbooks in brief.


While watching the above video, a software engineer named Sylvain Zimmer noticed an equation written on the board and thought that it just might be a puzzle from Google or something similar. You can skip to 2 minutes and 24 seconds of the video (link) and see the equations of the puzzle or view them from the following screenshot:

How The Geek Cracked the Hidden Chrome Puzzle

Sylvain started solving the equations and it took him an entire day to find the value of X, which came out to be

X = 90091/191605050401140404051920181525 ~= 4.7*10^-27

Here is how Sylvian cracked the hidden CR 48 Chrome netbook puzzle from the video:

1. At first he converted the 30 numbers into characters, thinking that the four characters together may constitute a short URL. He didn’t had much luck.

2. Next, he tried splitting the characters in a sequence of double digits as written below:

19 16 05 05 04 01 14 04 04 05 19 20 18 15 25

3. He translated the numbers into alphabets and the above combination came out to be “speedanddestroy”. Makes sense !

4. With trembling fingers, he typed the short URL in Chrome’s addres bar. Voila !

The geek was taken to a hidden Chrome netbook page where it was declared that the first man who solves the Chrome netbook puzzle and discovers this page is a deserving candidate for winning a free copy of Google Chrome notebook. Rest was all easy enough, the guy filled out the form and he is currently waiting for the netbook to be shipped to his doorsteps.

Note: The Form is closed now and you can’t submit any more entries.Read the entire story in  Jamendo’s own words. [ via ]


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