Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts on Android

When you need a solution that will help you to carry your imperative files with you ubiquitously, you can find a significant number of tools, gadgets etc. around you. There are some exceptionally accommodating cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and lot more. Nearly all of them are quite obliging to synchronize files across multiple devices and platforms.

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts on Android

Compared to Dropbox, this is quite easy to synchronize and manage files of Google Drive since Google Drive can be hooked effortlessly with any Android device. On the other hand, you can manage your files using various third party tools because the synchronization process is bit unpretentious.

However, when it comes to Dropbox, there are very limited apps for this storage. The official Dropbox app cannot hook with any platform including Windows, Android etc.

Consequently, if you have multiple Google Drive and Dropbox accounts and you are facing different issues to access them together, here is a prodigious app for Android. Unclouded is a free Android application that can assist you to manage your multiple cloud storage on the go. Not only just checking but also doing other things are possible with Unclouded too.

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Price and Availability

Although, Unclouded comes at free of cost but you may have to buy the premium version to get all the features. The premium version is not available publicly. You will need to pay $1.99 from the free version app to get the premium version.

This multiple cloud storage accounts manager is available for Android 4.1 and later version.

Visual Design

An app’s success depends on many things and visual design is one of them. Unclouded is good in terms of UI. It has material UI. You know that Material UI is quite different from the earlier version. However, it looks not so bad. On the other hand, the features are very organized. Hence, the overall UI is up to the mark.

Features of Unclouded

The free version has minimum features. You can access multiple Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box accounts using Unclouded. Nevertheless, the premium version doesn’t have any other cloud support. However, in terms of features, the paid edition is obviously far better than the free version.

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Explore Account


This should be the foremost feature of any account manager. You can certainly explorer your files. The free version’s feature end here. However, you can edit and delete files from cloud storage using the premium version.

Disk Space Analysis


It is possible to analyze the cloud storage to find files those are consuming most of your memory. This is really helpful since the web version of any cloud storage only provide the size.

Find Duplicates

Storing all types of files sometimes consume more space than normal. This is because of duplicate files. You must delete duplicate files from your cloud storage account so that you can get more space. But, unfortunately, this is not possible in the web version of any cloud storage. This is where Unclouded steps in.


Unclouded comes with a detailed changelog. That simply means, you are being tracked by the Unclouded all the time. This feature will let you find which and when a file gets a change.

Drawback of Unclouded


Make sure you have enough data connection. Alternatively, it would be better if you can connect your mobile via WiFi. The actual matter is Unclouded downloads all the files from your all linked up cloud storage accounts in your phone. Therefore, it uses a lot of bandwidth. So, be careful when you are adding a new account.

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