Effectively Manage Software Updates on Multiple Computers

While keeping software consistent across multiple computers may not seem like such a problem if you are responsible for only a few systems, if you manage any more than about five, you undoubtedly know how large a task this can turn into. Luckily there are several solutions that, depending on the number of computers you currently manage, can help you get the right software updates to the right systems at the right time.


Home Networks

If you manage a home or personal network, automating your software updates can help you save time and system resources. If every computer takes the time to download patches, security fixes, and similar updates, this may lead to a bandwidth bottleneck. Additionally, if some of your computers at home are not connected to the internet, you may need to set up an offline solution to get updates to these machines.

A program called Personal Software Inspector is a fully featured software updater for home users. This application undertakes a deep scan of your system to let you know when you have out-of-date software or titles that may be a risk to security. It works by looking at any executable files on your computer and comparing them to their own database.

Something else you might consider is RadarSync Updater. This little program will inspect your device drivers to let you know when they are out of date. When you find one that needs replacing, you can download it directly (from the premium version) or type it into Google (with the free version).

Enterprise Solutions

While these programs are good fixes for home users, IT professionals who work for both large and small businesses will likely need a solution that is a little more robust. In this case, Dell KACE’s software distribution appliances are a good option.

This appliance allows IT managers to effectively deploy software and operating systems across large networks. The technology offers a huge amount of control over when and where applications are deployed, and it also provides regular BIOS and device driver updates for Dell client and server systems. Deployment time can be drastically reduced, giving IT professionals more time to work on other projects.

Keeping software current does not have to be a completely arduous task. Whether you manage 10 computers or 10,000, managing software updates across multiple systems is a matter of choosing the right tools to assist in your task.

This is a guest post from David Malmborg. David works with Dell Kace. He also enjoys writing about technology, computers and saving money. Hoping to post an article on this blog? Check out the guest posting guidelines and contact us right away.

Image Credit – Kevin Zollman

Hoping to post an article on this blog? Check out the guest posting guidelines and contact us right away.


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