How To Manage Your YouTube Subscriptions In A Better Way

YouTube is one of the best places out there to create, watch and share video content over the Internet. It is one of the top most visited places on the Internet. It has over a billion users and people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube everyday.

People crate videos and upload to YouTube in their channels and let the world view that. Many celebrities, Artists have their own channel and whenever they produce something then they upload it to YouTube. It is amazing platform to showcase their talent. People can subscribe to a channel to get updated whenever a new content gets posted in that channel.
Whenever we login into our YouTube account and open Home Page, we get to see videos with most popular views in front of us, and recommendations generated based on our Activity on YouTube.

To view what videos have been uploaded by the channels we got subscribed to, we need to switch to subscriptions tab next to Home. The problem here is the videos uploaded by channels will be listed in vertical manner and channels are displayed one after other. We need to scroll down to see all the content. Even though on the left side, we get to see subscriptions, if we click on them, we will be navigated to that particular channel. There is no way to manage our subscriptions more effectively.


Well, if you face similar problem and You use Chrome as your primary browser, we’ve got a solution for you. Its called Video Deck for YouTube. It’s a simple App for Chrome and you can get it here.

How this App works?

After you install the App into your browser, You need to login into your YouTube account using your Gmail. The App will ask permission to access your information. Upon accepting it, you will be redirected to a panel where you can start customizing your subscriptions and get a better view of whats going on.

  • You can add your subscribed channels as columns infront of you and scroll down the browse that channel. You can have multiple columns of channels. You can add playlists too as a column.
  • You can search videos, channels and Playlists from YouTube and watch them there. The feature I like here is you can minimize the video window on your browser by choosing “Dock Video option”. This allows you to watch video while managing your other tasks on the App easily.
  • You can mark videos as watched, hide watched videos.
  • You can add topics, play lists and mark videos as “watch later”
  • You can like, rate, comment on the videos you like
  • You can repeat a video, or watch videos all in column, share videos.
  • You can change the position of columns by moving them and create custom columns.
  • You can get notifications when a new video gets uploaded in your subscribed channel and get dynamic update of video statistics.

What do you think of this App? Do let us know in comments.

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