Create an Automated List of latest posts from your Favorite Blogs using Yahoo pipes

Say you are an Admirer of 4 Blogs and Wish to show the latest posts from each Blog in your Sidebar.How do you  achieve that ?.This Article Describes How to aggregate The latest posts of your Favorite Sites and show them in your Blog as they Update.

While there are other Services to merge Multiple feeds into One but Yahoo pipes is the service that we would be using.The reason Behind is that Yahoo pipes is far more flexible and you can add your Custom Rules per feed.

1.Sign in to Yahoo pipes with your yahoo account and click On “Create a pipe”

You will see the following Screen.

Yahoo pipes front page

2.From the left Sidebar Drag and Drop the Module “Fetch Feed” into the Board.Add the Blog feed URL that you wish to show In your List.

fetch feed

3.Similarly fetch the Feeds of all the Blogs that you wish to show In your list.For example if you wish to fetch the Feeds of 4 Blogs then create separate feed windows for each feed.Do not Merge them into One as We will be adding Rules to each feed later on.

favourite feeds4.Now you need to Add rules to each Feed.this Depends on your taste and What you wish to Show on your Blog or RSS reader.

Let Us Suppose you wish to show 1 post from each Blog in an Ascending order in your List.To achieve this :

5.Add the function “Truncate” from the Left pane for each feed.The Truncate function is Used to Limit the Number of feeds Of each feed Item In the resulting List.Pipe each Feed with the Truncate function and Set the value that You wish to show per feed.

6.Pipe All your feeds the Similar way.Now add the Function “Union” from the Left pane.The “Union” Function is Used to add the output of Several Functions Into one.

7. Merge the outputs of all the Truncated Feeds with the Input to “Union”.

8.Next Pipe the Output of the “Union” function to the Input of “Output”.That’s It.The Hard part is Over.

Final Piping

This Pipe which I have created Returns the Latest post (1) from my Favourite 4 Blogs in ascending order as they Update.

9.Run the Pipe that You created and Save It.After that From Properties you will be able to Get the RSS feed of the Pipe that You created.

Pipe options

10.Subscribe to that pipe In your feed Reader or You can Add that pipe in your Blog as a widget in The sidebar.

I have Created a Yahoo pipe of My 4 Favorite Blogs(Lifehacker.Digital Inspiration,MakeUseof and Daily BlogTips) (See my Yahoo pipe)

There are Plenty of options And You can Completely Customize how Your Pipe Should Work.A very Powerful Tool and Highly Productive.I am going to Spend this entire Weekend On Yahoo Pipes.Thanks WatBlog

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