Use Groopic To Merge Photographer’s Image In A Group Photo [iOS]

Whenever you want to take a group photo, you need a stranger or a random passer by who can click a group photo of your entire group. Your group is impatient and you wait for the right person to walk in, sometiems they agree, sometimes they walk away. Then you have to explain him/her how to use your iPhone’s camera and wait until he clicks a group photo.

Here is the problem. Sometimes, strangers just don’t get it (and why would they?). They shoot one or two and then they move on. You don’t like the group photo and want to take more clicks.

So how do you take a group photo, ensuring that none of the members in your group are left out in the group photo and you can actually merge the cameraman’s image in the group photo and stitch it all together?

Groopic solves this woe flawlessly.

Groopic lets you take two photos. One without the photographer and one with the photographer. Then Groopic lets you merge both these photos in one click from your iPhone. So in just three clicks, your group photo is ready to be shared and you don’t have to ask a stranger to take a group photo of your entire team.

Let’s take an example to understand how Groopic works. Let’s say you are a group of three members.

You ask a random group member to take a photo of the rest of the two members (this member is the photographer here).

Next, you call the photographer in and send the other friend to be the photographer and click the next photo.

All done, a final click and both these photos are merged and stitched into one. Here is how your group photo will look like, once you have Groopicked it

While I am not sure how accurately the two photos will be merged, (I don’t use iPhone, I love Android), it looks like Groopic is pretty low on the accuracy level. I tested this on my friend’s iPhone 3GS and the results were not very clean. It worked after several trial and errors. 

For example, the rest of the group needs to be in the exact same position before the final photo is taken. This is very hard to achieve. Again, there should be any chancges to the background of both images, they should be exactly similar. This is again extremely difficult to achieve if you are taking the group photo outdoors.

Otherwise, Groopic can be your savior if you have a large number of group photos and you want to merge someone’s photo in each of them. The app is not free and shall cost you $0.99 from the iTunes Store.

Groopic reauires iOS 6.0 or later and works in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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