Security Essentials – Free Antivirus From Microsoft

Microsoft-security-essentials In these days of so many malicious viruses the security demands some serious attention. We look out for good antivirus softwares that also is free. Well we end up with nothing. Thanks to Microsoft, as those miserable days are over finally, as they launched their own antivirus which comes totally free. Lets see if it is up to the mark.

Security Essentials is the new release from Microsoft. It is a light-weight anti-virus & anti-malware tool that comes totally free for those who runs a genuine Microsoft Windows(XP, Vista, 7) OS on their PCs.

Features of Security Essentials

Least system requirements :

Unlike the conventional leaders in the antivirus tools, this antivirus puts minimum load on your system configuration. It works on netbooks as well as older computers having limited hardware support. Whatever even the very newest models of PCs & laptops a light-weight software like this offers a more speedier experience for users. It is also very suited for the operating in the virtual environments like Virtual PC.

Easy to use Interface :

It can well boast of its easy to use interface. The installation file is only 10Mb in size & it installs in no time(1min roughly). The protection mode is activated as soon as the installation finishes.

Background scan :

It is designed to use minimal amount memory(while scanning your PC for threats) if you are opting to work on your machine while the scanning is on. This makes you totally comfortable while working without your machine getting hung up.

Automatic Updates :

The latest virus definitions are downloaded via Windows Updates & moreover it does not need any user attention. Security essentials is the first service that makes use of Microsoft’s Dynamic Signature Service, which enables it to look for latest virus definition updates as soon as it smells a threat to your PC.

Active against all kinds of threats :

PCs are the main arena for the viruses & hence the antiviruses too. Windows defender was meant to defend PCs against adware and spyware. But lately, threats of rootkits, malware also came into account. Security Essentials is well-equipped to defend these new villains too.

To speak frankly, in a nutshell, this is the perfect solution for our security problems as creators has the best expertise on their creations. If they(Microsoft) had created the OS, then I think they are more likely to find the problems in their architecture. And more importantly, what else is best to get such a privileged support all for free.


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