Microsoft to Launch Xim for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft, the software giant, has unveiled a brand new photo sharing application for almost all major platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This photo sharing application is known as Xim. According to Microsoft, people share their phone as well while sharing a photo with someone. However, Xim will let you share only photo – not your phone.

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Swipe, zoom or pan and everyone will get your photo within moments. Unlike other photo sharing applications i.e. Flickr, Instagram etc. all of the viewers do not have to be a particular service or app user. Rather than your viewers need an invitation or alert before opening the photo that you have sent.

Xim can deal with almost all modern image formats and you can use images from any online cloud storage i.e. OneDrive or native photo gallery. This is also possible to use various social networking websites like Facebook to share photo. On the other hand, you can take an Instagram photo to share with your friends.

To share any photo, you just need to have Xim installed on your phone. There is no need to install Xim on viewers’s mobiles. All you have to do is send a notification to your recipients’ email ID or phone number. After that, they will get a link to open your photo.

Microsoft to Launch Xim for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Although, Xim works almost all types of web browsers but some people have claimed that it is not working on some tablets. You should also note that you could get an additional feature if you have installed Xim on your phone.

You can easily save the received photo using Xim app. Otherwise, you will have to take a screenshot to save that or use any other method to save any image. On the other hand, every sharing has a time limit. Your link will be expired after a particular time. Microsoft has set this feature to reduce the server usage.

This is indeed a great photo sharing app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, it needs more features to be even more popular. Otherwise, it will become an “another photo sharing app”.

Sharing is caring. Keeping this is mind, Microsoft has developed this great application for all of those platforms. Although, the iOS app is still unavailable but hope you will get it very soon.


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