Microsoft Office Online Adds Insights Feature

Microsoft Office Online team have been busy in making it more useful to it’s users. We can share our documents with others and can edit them online using this Office Online of Microsoft. Now, apart from these default features, Microsoft has come up with the search feature called “insights” within the document itself. You are writing a document using Office online and you want to get the related information. What we generally do is, open the new tab and search for the content. Now, without the need of opening a new document, Microsoft Office Online has integrated the search within the document.

Microsoft Office Online

Search within the document using the option Insights

All, you need to do is, just select the text you want to get the more information for and right click on it. Choose the option “insights” and then the game starts. Bing search is integrated with the Microsoft Office online and a separate pane with full information of the selected word is shown on the right side. Microsoft Office Online blog posts explained this feature, with two beautiful examples as below.

Gives the search result accurately

Suppose, you are writing an article Abraham Lincoln and you want to mention about his date of birth and birth place. Normally, when we want to get that data while writing, we open the new tab and search for it. We get different results related to the word “Lincoln”. It might be a place by name Lincoln or an automobile company name. This is not what we want. We just want to get the information about the former American President “Lincoln”.

Insights Abraham Lincoln

Insights feature of Microsoft Online do this job accurately for you. Just right click on the selected word (Lincoln) and select “insights” option. You can see the related information of the Lincoln on the right side along with Bing search related Wikipedia image. What is does is, it looks for the selected word and the context you are searching for. It reads your whole document and understands the context. In this, example it will get to know that you are looking for information related to American President, Lincoln and other result.

Another beautiful example is demonstrated using the word “Amazon”. You want to get the information related to Amazon River. When you search for the word Amazon normally, the first result would be regarding to Amazon online web store. Using Office Online insights feature, it gives the information about the Amazon River rather than the online web store right in your document.

Amazon insights

So, make use of this insights feature in your Office online and enjoy the accurate search. Explore it and share your experience and feedback through comments.

Source : Microsoft

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