Microsoft’s Sculpt Comfort Mouse Gets The Windows Start Button

Ever since Microsoft introduced Windows 8, there has been a lot of rage as to what happened to the revolutionary “Start” button in Windows 8. Microsoft removed or better, hid the start button since the company introduced a shiny new Metro user interface, arranging applications, programs, files and shortcuts as tiles in your Windows home screen. 

If you miss the start button in Windows 8, here is some good news.

Microsoft has recently announced a brand new scult comfort mouse for Windows 8 which has a start button or Windows button on its left edge (they are calling it Windows touchpad).

Here is how it looks like:


Microsoft calls this Sculpt comfort mouse / mobile mouse and its designed to act as a quick shortcut for Windows 8 start screen. This may be a bane and a boon for users, depending on whether you use Windows 8 start screen or not. For example, if you’re not careful and hit the button once, it will minimize all open windows and take you to the Winows 8 metro start screen. This might be a little annoying for people who can’t work without a mouse and suddenly find the new button more of an annoyance.

But wait, the start button on Scullpt comfort mouse does more than that.

You can swipe through the button and scroll through open applications in Windows 8. If you swipe down, Windows will reveal all the open apps from the left corner of the screen, so you can quickly jump to a specific app (similar to the Alt tab feature in Windows which lets you toggle between open applications). This can be immensely useful for users like me, who work on a bunch of open applications and wondered if there was a way to switch between applications directly from the mouse itself.

Also, the new Sculpt comfort mouse for Windows 8 comes without the USB receiver and lets you connect to your computer directly via bluetooth. Another major problem fixed well in time.

The following videos shows how Microsoft’s Sculpt comfort mous actually works:

Want to get one of these? You can buy Microsoft’s Sculpt comfort mouse from Microsoft’s hardware page, its priced at $39.95. The Sculpt touch mouse which comes with four way finger scrolling is priced at $49.95 while the Sculpt mobile mouse is priced at $29.95.

I am not a big fan of using mouse (I switched to mac a year back and love the change). But if I were to go for any of the above three gadgets, I would have gone for the Sculpt comfort mouse which has the Windows 8 start button in it.

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