Planning for a movie with friends staying far from each other? Find the middle point with Rendeznew

How often has it occurred to you that you find hard to plan a meetup point with friends or business colleagues? The answer, not so surprisingly, is quite often. Someone of you is always complaining about how far the place is from his place or the place is not that good enough to spend time at. Rendeznew seems to have an answer for you.


The new Google Maps mashup will help you not only choose a place for hanging out with long separated college buddies or select an ideal place to discuss your next business proposal(ideally taken place at any official place but hosting a grand lunch for your next BIG client usually impresses him). The new service lets you add upto four addresses from where your friends are coming from and then it points out the exact middle point which is equally far from all the four locations (or most of them). Now choosing a place to spend time eating, drinking, watching a movie (or just chat over a cup of coffee) at that equidistant place is the next hurdle. Rendeznew helps you here again by providing options for places based on choice of activity (eat, drink, play or catch a movie). You can also get a review of the place based on what Google and Yelp (your choice or availability) has in store about it. That’s not the end, the web app will help you get the directions to the chosen pub, café or multiplex from all the four locations.

The purpose is well served if all the four locations are from the same city or within a reasonable proximity(refer the screenshot it helped me locate a pub equally far from four location within New Delhi). Now let’s just say, if you choose four locations from four cities across a country(say Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, all four major cities in India) the algo works just fine to find a place in the middle which is somewhere in Chhattisgarh. However the choice is anything but practical, as an ideal place will most likely be anywhere among the four cities mentioned. This is not something that can be referred to as a flaw but it shows at times you can’t just rely on robots, a human interpretation is always necessary. To conclude, the idea is praiseworthy and serves a great deal. I really loved the tool and just planned a weekend meet with two of my buddies at a pub. So are you going to use it? Or just follow the old routine of choosing a place over the other as long as everybody’s happy.

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