Twipster Gives A Minimalist Feel To Your Twitter Timeline [ Google Chrome And Safari ]

I like to keep things simple.

I am a big fan of minimalism and I believe in the core philosophy that the more you add something to a system, the worse it gets. I have been using Twitter for 3 years now and sometimes, I wish I could switch back to the old Twitter interface which was free from all the design clutter, jargons and things that destroy the feel of reading only “Tweets”.

Thankfully, I found Twipster, an extension for Google Chrome and Safari which removes unnecessary clutter from your Twiitter timeline and gives you a more simpler and readable Twitter experience. If you are a voracious Twitter user and want an interface where you can see only tweets and nothing else, Twipster is well worth a try.

This is the default Twitter interface.

And this is how it looks like, when I have installed Twipster in Google Chrome.

What Twipster does is that it removes unnecessary elements from Twitter’s web interface and gives you a more clutter free tweeting experience. You get to see only your Twitter timeline and nothing else. Of course, you can see your mentions timeline, direct messages and compose tweets ilke you normally do.Twipster is basically a styler refresh for Twitter’s web interface which hides “Who to follow”, “Trends” and the sidebar using CSS display:none property.

Twipster, however does not blocks or removes tweets that may cause distractions or annoyance. The extension only gives a new cover to Twitter’s web interface, this is ideal if you want to see only the tweets in bigger fonts. 


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