ZenEdit and Q10: Two Minimalist Text Editor For Windows

Over the past few years, I have used quite a few text editor for Windows. I have used Notepad++ for basic coding jobs, Microsoft Word for writing articles, Google Docs for online document sharing and the inbuilt Windows notepad as the basic text editor for Windows.

Then came the era of open source software and I was in search for a minimalistic text editor for Windows. I found ZenEdit and Q10 and without any doubt, all I can say is I haven’t seen anything better.

ZenEdit is the most easy to use, simple and portable text editor for Windows. Just download the package, extract it in your hard disk or a USB drive and start using, no installation is required. Once you start the utility, the screen goes black and you can start writing whatever comes in your mind.

There are no menus, distracting buttons and all you see is a complete black screen with a cursor blinking:

Minimalistic text editor for Windows

Once you are done writing, you can save the document by hitting Ctrl+S or quit the application by pressing Alt + F4. The application lets you change the font size, color and background so you can always customize your writing environment to suit your style.

If you need even more enhancements, try Q10. Q10 is again a portable text editor for Windows, which can be used from a thumb drive, without installing anything or modifying the Windows registry. It has a few more features like Word count, pages and counting the total number of characters. Can be useful, when you have a deadline or minimum word count to meet.

Works quite the same way as ZenEdit, wipes out everything from the screen and all you get is a black interface and  a cursor, waiting for you to type something.


The added feature of Q10 is the spell checker, you can check for spelling mistakes right inside the text editor and do not have to copy paste the document in Microsoft Word. The Notes feature is also very useful – any paragraph starting with “..” is considered a note. You can get a list of all notes in the current document and jump instantly to any of them.

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