Minutes.io Is The Evernote For Meeting Notes

Pen and paper were one of the best inventions of mankind, that helped its growth. Now that technology is so advanced that we hardly use them anymore. Do you miss that simplicity? There may be many services to take down meeting minutes, but Minutes.io definitely catches your attention once you use it. The app comes with a free, no sign-up, web based solution to help you note down and distribute your meeting notes painlessly.


Minutes.io offers you a simple and useful solution to note down minutes of your meeting. The app does what exactly you might need during your important meeting time. It has a minimalist UI with a few text fields for essential meeting information like meeting title, location, attendees. At the bottom, there is a note-taker area for adding minutes, organize and categorize them as per types(TODO,DECISION,INFO,IDEA) from a drop-down box. You can assign an owner and a due date for all the notes. It uses smart data entry, keyboard navigation for quicker note taking. For convenience keyboard shortcuts are there for jump, move, insert and delete operations.



Once you add something in the note-taker area you will see file and delete button in the lower left side. After the meeting is done, clicking file will give you options like edit, send the minutes via email, copy, print or option to delete it. There is no need to sign in to use the app. The app uses local storage of the browser. Another helpful feature is once you have opened the app, internet connectivity is not essential while taking minutes. However, you’ll need internet access for sharing meetings. Minutes.io can publish minutes using unique URLs, which can be shared with people for them to access.


The app is gaining its popularity very fast because of its quick, elegant, easy to use approach.  Jscript being the core language, the app also works just fine. Thankfully even the dreaded IE handles it quite smoothly. If you are busy scribbling notes during a meeting, the app is highly recommended.

An app for the smartphones is eagerly awaited. Indeed I find it the best meeting tool since pen and paper. Robust as Evernote and simple as Any.do.


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