How to Mirror iOS Screen to Windows or Mac

Apple has made several things easier. For example, if you have Mac and iOS device, you can easily mirror your screen using different in-built features and tools. However, if you want to mirror iOS to Windows, you may get some problems.

iOS and Mac both are awesome platforms for mobile and computer respectively. On the other hand, Windows is yet another great operating system. But, when it comes to compare Windows and Mac, you will get loads of problems. Features wise, application wise and interface wise, you will get a completely different thing on Windows and Mac.

Mirror iPhone or iPad screen on Windows or Mac

But, sometime, we want to mirror iOS screen to Windows or Mac. As mentioned before, if you have Mac, you can do the thing quicker. Nevertheless, if you have Windows, you have use this method. Suppose, you are in a meeting and want to present some slideshows that is saved in your mobile. Now, instead of transferring your slideshow from mobile to PC and then showing them to others, this would be far better if you can mirror iOS screen to Windows computer.

As there is no in-built feature in iOS and Windows that can mirror your screen, but you can certainly download this following software that can let you do whatever you want. Introducing Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder, which is available for Windows and Mac. This is a premium software but you can use it for three days as a trial version. This is a one-click tool that will help you to mirror your screen easily and without any complicated step.

iOS will utilize AirPlay, which is an in-built feature of iOS. AirPlay helps users to stream audio, video and even display to another bigger screen. Generally, it was designed to work with Apple TV. However, you can make use of AirPlay to mirror iOS screen to Windows computer using that aforementioned software. One thing you should keep in mind that you must have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which your computer is connected.

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Mirror iOS Screen to Windows

This is very easy and not much time consuming. At first, download Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder to your computer and install it. Following that, turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile. Then, open Control Center. Here, you can find AirPlay on your screen that should be positioned next to AirDrop.

Turn on AirPlay on iPhone

Tap on that. After that, you can find the app name on your screen. Tap on that and toggle the button to turn on Mirroring.

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad to Mac or Windows

Thereafter, you can get your screen on your computer like this.

Apowersoft iPhone iPad Recorder on Windows

By making use of iPhone/iPad Recorder tool, you can record your screen and capture screenshot. Although, the screenshot quality would not be too good but you can get a raw image.

That’s it! Hope this little software would be helpful for you.

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