How to Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage And Connection Speed

If your Internet connection is on a limited data plan and you want to monitor your daily internet usage amount, here is a free tool which will be useful.

BitmeterOS is an awesome little program for Windows, Linux and MAC which can be used to know the amount of daily upload and download usage of your internet bandwidth. Some of you may be on a limit internet usage plan and thus it’s necessary to track the amount of data usage, otherwise your ISP may charge you extra fees for using extra bandwidth.

Apart from monitoring your daily internet usage, BitmeterOS can also be used to find the speed of your internet connection. Before downloading the tool you may want to check out the online demo of BitmeterOS.

Find the Upload/ Download Speed of your Internet Connection

The monitor tab shows a graph of your connection’s current upload and download speed. The values are updated in real time and you can monitor the upload or download speed of your internet connection by looking at the title of the opened tab. The current, average and peak speeds are shown in the sidebar.

Monitor the Amount of Data Usage for any Day

The history tab shows the amount of upload and download usage according to minutes, hours and days. So you can precisely calculate how much internet usage has been consumed and how much is still remaining. The data can also be exported in a CSV format.

Monitor Internet Data usage For every day

The summary tab shows a complete gist of internet data usage for the current day, month and year. I tested the tool for my internet connection and the total download amount came out to be 46 GB while the upload amount was a whooping 315 GB.

In addition to that, you can also create new alerts which will notify you when you before you cross your internet usage limits. All in all, BitmeterOS is a great program for monitoring your connection’s download/upload speed and I am going to use it for sometime now.

Monitor Internet Usage For Multi User Networks

One of the downsides is that the program does nothing for multi user networks. Suppose you have a shared internet connection in your office and want to monitor the internet usage limits of different employees. You want to track which computer in the network is consuming more bandwidth and may want to assign a usage quota for each computer in your network.

In such situations you can try another program called  NetWorx Portable which we have reviewed here.


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