How to Monitor Windows Registry Changes

OUWindows Registry is probably the most sensitive thing in Windows operating system as a little wrong change may corrupt entire system within seconds. It is as powerful as you can do anything with the help of Windows Registry Editor. From customization to adding any few option or feature, you can do almost anything with the help of Windows Registry Editor.

But, as mentioned before, a single wrong change may hurt your machine a lot. Therefore, today we are about to discuss on a tool that helps users to monitor Windows Registry changes from top to bottom. That means, you will get all the custom changes alongside all the change, what continuously happen in Registry Editor.

Introducing RegShot, which is a freeware for Windows. You can download RegShot without any hesitation as it does support almost all regularly used version of Windows without any special system requirements. At the same time, RegShot is very easy to use and hence, you won’t get any problem during the utilization.

Monitor Windows Registry Changes using RegShot

As mentioned before, this is a free software available for Windows 7/8/10, you can certainly download it. On the other hand, it comes in two different versions i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit. Therefore, you won’t get any compatibility issue at all. The next interesting thing is this is a portable software. It means, you do not have to install RegShot, which is a big plus point.

After downloading and opening RegShot on Windows, you will get a small window like this,

Monitor Windows Registry Changes with RegShot

By making use of this window, you can find all the changes. At first, select an Output Path by clicking on the three dot buttons that is placed under the Output Path option.

Following that, you can select whether you want to get the result in Plain Text or HTML format. Select one option according to your wish. After that, make tick in the check-box that comes prior to Scan dir 1[;dir2;dir3;….;dir nn].

Now, you are ready to get the first shot. Click on 1st shot and select Shot and Save. Therefore, you can make any number of change in the Registry Editor. After doing all the things, click on 2nd Shot and select Shot and Save.

Now, the Compare option will be unlocked after clicking taking the 2nd Shot. Click on that Compare button. You will get a result in a .TXT file, which will feature all the changes that you have made during the 1st and 2nd shot.

This is as simple as that. There is no such hectic step. You can easily find all the changes and check whether any change is producing problems or not.


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