Use Mouse Gestures To Open Programs in Windows

A Mouse gesture recognition software records the movement of your mouse and executes a particular command or program, when a specific pattern of movement is detected. There are several Mouse gesture programs available for Windows operating system, but nothing is simpler than Gmote.

Gmote is a portable application for Windows which lets you define gestures and assign commands to the mouse gestures. This can be very useful, you can quickly open files, folders, a web URL or a program.

To use Gmote, run the program, right click the system tray icon and choose configure. You will be shown the following window:

Windows Mouse Gestures

Next, click the “Create Gesture” button to start recording a mouse movement. The pattern will be shown in the right pane as you move your mouse cursor to create a gesture.



When the gesture has been recorded, you can select an action by clicking the action text field button. The actions can be anything – you can launch a program, file, folder, media player, a web address or may be shut down your computer.

You can even define application oriented gestures. For example- Using a particular gesture in the Firefox window may refresh the page and using the same gesture in the explorer window may go one window back. You can choose different actions for different programs. There are a lot of suggested actions already available in the actions dropdown, so choosing an action won’t be an issue.


You can create as many gestures as you want and save the gestures as a set. This is useful, because you can reload the set file on another computer and start using mouse gestures without having to configure anything. The application is portable, thus works on any computer without installation. Thanks Ghacks

Tip: Launch programs using key combinations.


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