Move Photos From Google Plus Albums To Your Facebook Album

Having social profiles on multiple social networking sites is cool but it demands more attention and work, every time you post an update, a photo, a video and want the same post or photo to be posted across all your social profiles. I am not a big fan of Google Plus, I am happy with Facebook and Twitter and use TweetDeck to manage them from one place.

If you are an active Google Plus user and you’re looking for an easy way to move or transfer Google Plus Photos to a new or existing Facebook albums, here is a quick guide.

1. Go to Social photos and connect your Facebook and Google Plus accounts. This is a really simple web app which lets you transfer Google Plus photos to Facebook or move Facebook photos to Google Plus or Flickr account.

2. Once you have connected your Facebook and Google Plus accounts, you should see your Google Plus albums in the extreme right pane and your Facebook albums on the extreme left pane. Here is an example

To move photos from a Google Plus album to any of your Facebook albums, all you need to do is select the photo from the right pane and drag and drop it on the left pane. Note that you should first select the Facebook album where you want to transfer the photo from your Google Plus account.

This is a really no frill way of moving photos from Google Plus to Facebook or moving Facebook photos to Google Plus, without downloading the  entire album on your computer or having to worry about complex privacy settings.You might want to read our earlier tutorials which shows easy ways to parallely manage Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, without much hassles.


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