Mozilla Songbird : Cross platform Music player that can Browse the Web

Mozilla Songbird is a new Open source cross platform Web-Music player for Windows,Mac and Linux.It’s still Under active development But The features are already Impressive.

Songbird  is a Brilliant Audio player that does a lot of things. You can play audio  from your PC,Import media from Itunes,browse the webshops,  tune in to your favorite radio stations,  you can watch podcasts, search for content and resources on the web’s biggest engines, add media to you custom playlists and so much more.

Mashtape : Discover Flickr photos, YouTube videos, biographies, Google news (and more) for the currently playing artist. Songbird opens a Lower pane in the media player from where you are able to find More information about the Current artist.


Surf the Web From Songbird : Songbird has an Inbuilt Web browser so you can always browse the web from the media player itself.Features includes : Tabbed viewing,Bookmarks etc.

Search Tracks by name or Artist : Songbird lets You search for Audio tracks in the web.When the Search Is complete you can Download the track in your  computer or can Play the song directly from The Internet.

Read Music related Blogs from The Hype Machine : A distinct Feature that Sets it apart. Just open the Hype machine in Songbird browser and you can Surf the World of Music from Songbird itself.This Includes Watching Videos,Listening to tracks or Even reading Blog posts.

Generate Dynamic playlist Over Web : This is Very Interesting.Each Webpage you open in songbird  is scanned by songbird for specific media-items(Especially mp3s). If found, it creates an playlist for that specific webpage.You can Save the playlist or Download all The Songs in your computer right away !

Get information about Concerts and Shows : With This add on Installed On Songbird you can automatically know when an artist is performing in Concerts,Whether in your City or abroad.You can also get the Ticketing Information using this.

Listen to related Music from Web : No more music Hunt over the Search Engines.Songbird Suggests you related tracks that you can Listen directly from a Website.The support For videos is although Not available but as this is a beta version we can expect developments in the near Future.

Listen to radio using Shoutcast : Just Install The addon and you can listen to  Internet FM channels from songbird using Shoutcast.

Add-ons : Similar to Firefox ,Songbird has an extensive collection of Useful Add-ons to make your job easier.Popular Add-ons are : iPod Device Support , QuickTime Playback , Scrobbling Support ,LiveTweeter etc

Right Now Songbird can’t play Videos for you and Features like CD ripping etc are coming very soon.See Our Video Demo Of Using Songbird.I am sure you will Love the way it Works :

Songbird comes in 39 languages. Download Songbird

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