Add Multiple Desktop Panes in Windows To Organize Program Shortcuts

The desktop is the easiest way to launch programs, save downloads and create shortcuts of the most important files and folders in your computer. But over time, the desktop gets so populated with icons that you have to stare at the screen and say “Now wait a minute, where is the browser?”.

Just take a look at this (a snapshot of an insanely cluttered desktop)

Cluttered desktop

FSL launcher can get you out of this mess as the program lets you arrange application shortcuts, files and folders in multiple desktop panes. You can create groups of programs and let them reside on one pane, create a group of folders and keep them on another and so on.

FSL launcher is different from other launchers like Rocketdock or Objectdock because the launcher provides multiple docks or panes for your desktop.  Using multiple panes can be really useful, you can keep the frequently used folders in one pane and the applications on another. This is just like tabbed browsing, you stay on one tab for some time and then on another and so on.

The unique feature of FSL launcher is that you can backup the groups or tab settings into a zip file. Later, you can restore the settings of your program groups by using the backup. This will come in handy, especially when you have performed a system format and would want to restore the application docks settings without much effort.

Verdict: I have used Launchy and Keylauncher for launching programs and folders. Both of them are good but the disadvantage of using application docks is that all the programs can not be divided into multiple groups. ObjectDock or Rocketdock have autohide functionality but then again, all the programs reside in one single pane which makes the process slow.

FSL launcher works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. Thanks Himanshu.

Tip: If you want tabbed browsing for Windows Explorer, try QTTabbar or SE Explorer.


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