How to Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously in VLC

VLC media player is one of the most beautiful media players out there. Features wise, interface wise, options wise, ease of access wise, VLC is perfect for any kind of people. The main reason behind its popularity is you can find VLC for almost any platform including Windows, Android, Linux etc. On the other hand, it does support almost all video and audio formats which include mp4, WMV, MKV, mp3, AMR or any standard formats. On Windows, you can download VLC Media Player and ditch any other installed player lie GOM Player, Windows Media Player etc. In fact, some people do not use any other player except VLC.

Sometime, we want to play multiple songs simultaneously. For example, sometime we want to compare two videos or two audio files by playing them simultaneously. Instead of playing them one by one, this is far better to play them at once.

How to Record Desktop using VLC Media Player

Although, there are some media players like Awesome Vide Player, which does support playing multiple videos at once, but when you have VLC, you do not have to download any other third party software or music player. On the other hand, you can run any number of videos simultaneously using VLC media player.

The default settings of VLC media player doesn’t allow users to play multiple videos simultaneously. Therefore, you will have to change a setting so that you can get things done. However, you do not have to download anything for VLC in order to play more than one videos at once.

Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously in VLC

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. At first, open VLC Media Player and press CTRL + P to open the Preferences. Alternatively, you can go to Tools  and select Preferences.

VLC Preferences

Therefore, you can find a popup window. Make sure that you are on Interface section. Here, you can find an option called Use only one instance when started from file manager. By default, there should a tick in the corresponding checkbox. You just have to remove the tick and save your settings.

use only one instance when started from file manager

That’s it! Now, you can play multiple videos at once using VLC Media Player. To do so, just select multiple audio or video files and open with VLC. Alternatively, you can play second or third video while playing the first one. The second video will start playing in another instance of VLC. The same thing will be executed with audio files as well.


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