Mute The Browser Tab Which Is Making Noise – Chrome Extension

Audio and video advertisements that auto play after a specific time interval are really very annoying. And sometimes, they can be embarrassing too.

Let’s say you are reading an article on a blog during office hours and you have a lot of browser tabs open. Accessing internet is allowed in your office as long as you don’t cross the limits and disturb the office environment. Now when you are half way down to reading the article, one of the ads start auto playing and you find that your computer is making a very loud sound. Worst case is when your computer is connected to an external speaker and the audio jack is behind the CPU panel, stored on top of the office cubicle.

You want to stop the audio as soon as possible but can’t find the browser tab responsible for producing the sound. Feeling helpless, you mute your computer’s sound from Windows system tray and close all browser tabs one by one. By that time, your office colleagues are already aware that you were reading a webpage that had a Gillett advertisement in it.

To save yourself from these embarrassing situations, here is a browser extension which you can use.

Mute Browser Tabs That Auto Play Audio Or Video

Mute Tabs is a Google Chrome extension which lets you instantly mute the sound coming from any browser tab without having to figure out which browser tab is making that noise. The extension makes it easy to control sounds produced by different tabs in Google Chrome by displaying a list of websites that are playing sound, right at this moment.

Whenever you want to stop sound produced in the browser, pull down the extension options from Google Chrome’s right click context menu and mute the browser tab which is playing an audio advertisement, YouTube video or an audio podcast. Optionally, the extension also lets you mute all background tabs in Google Chrome so that no sound is ever produced from the browser.


There are handy options to pause, play or stop the sound and you can mute sounds on specific tabs without muting all tabs in Google Chrome. This is useful when you are watching a YouTube video and suddenly another tab starts making playing an audio advertisement . In such situations, you can quickly mute all other browser tabs while play the sound coming from the current tab, without leaving it altogether.

MuteTabs is a free download, works wherever Google Chrome does. Read the FAQ here



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