Myhomepage: Organize Your Bookmarks and Manage Passwords Online

Online bookmarking services and password managers are not a new concept but brings the two together to create a one stop shop for organizing your online life.

When you sign up you can save your bookmarks to your ‘My Homepage’. This is a cool little page where you can drag and drop your bookmarks to organize them however you want. You can bookmark websites, images, videos and news articles. Everything is organized by tags which makes it easy to find the bookmark you saved two weeks ago. You can even email links to friends.

Another feature is the password vault which allows you to save a username and password for every bookmark you have on your account.  This makes it easier for you to remember your passwords and also safer. Online security is a very important issue and more people should have strong passwords.

You can make a password so strong even you forget it – but with myhomepage’s password vault you will always be able to find it again. They also allow you to automatically log into some websites. This is great, you can log into Facebook with just one click. However the number of websites it supports isn’t that large and it would be great if they could have more.

Overall, we think the best thing about myhomepage is that it is completely online. You can access all your favorites from anywhere. Most people use their browsers to save bookmarks but having them online makes them easier to use and is very convenient if you use a lot of different computers.

A couple of negatives are that there aren’t that many websites supported by the Auto Login feature and we think it would be great if there was some element of personalization for the homepage (after all it is ‘myhomepage’). But aside from this, we think myhomepage will continue to develop and grow into a big contender for the likes of Delicious and iGoogle.

Why not try myhomepage? It’s completely free.


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