Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, Settings, Extensions to Watch More Movies and Shows

It’s been 20 years since Netflix was launched. In 20 years, Netflix has successfully evolved across 190 countries. If you are one of the million users, and you want to explore more videos on Netflix, here are some Netflix tips, tricks, settings, and browser extensions those will let you find some hidden yet top rated movies, TV shows, etc.

Best Netflix Tips, Tricks, Settings, and Extensions

These following tips and tricks are mainly for first-time users. However, if you are an old user but you haven’t used Netflix a lot, you might find some tricks useful. The important thing is some of the methods are intended for an OS, browser, and device.

Use VPN to unblock another country’s Netflix

If you do not know already, you might be surprised to know that Netflix has different content in different countries. For example, you can find the TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, in the USA but the same thing is not available in India and most of the other countries. According to Netflix, there is some government-issued copyright law involved in the unavailability scenario. However, this is possible to unblock another country’s Netflix using VPN. Since not all the VPNs work with Netflix, you can use any of the following VPNs.

  1. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN works with Netflix USA in the web browser as well as Netflix app. However, not all the servers can handle Netflix website. Being said that, you might need to take the help of their live chat support. Talking about the VPN, this is one of the best VPNs out there, which comes with loads of servers and functionality to make a secure connection between you and the destination host.
  2. CyberGhost VPN: This is a bit cheaper VPN than ExpressVPN, and it works perfectly. Talking about the speed, you should not face any problem like connection drop, or slow speed. You can try out the trial version to check whether it is working for you or not.
  3. NordVPN: Their US servers work perfectly with Netflix USA. Their pricing is pretty aggressive. However, you can spend only $11.95 and check whether you can unblock other country’s Netflix website or not.

Unhide secret Netflix categories

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

You are bored of watching the same categories on the Netflix website, here is a solution for you. You cannot imagine how many categories does Netflix have. From Action & Adventure to Anime Horror to Foreign Documentaries – you can find everything on Netflix. is a handy website, which can be used to reveal all the hidden categories on Netflix website. The best part is this is a website, and it can be used with the mobile app as well. To use this website, just head over to it and click on any genre that you like. Alternatively, you can click the Surprise Me button that comes up with random TV show and movies.

Skip Intro

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

When you watch TV shows, this is entirely unnecessary to watch the intro repeatedly. There are many people, who do not want to watch the intro all the times. Therefore, this feature would be helpful to skip the intro and start the TV show directly. This is a standard feature, and you do not need to enable or activate it in any way. The best part is you can find this option on Netflix web version as well as Netflix mobile app. To utilize it, find out SKIP INTRO button and click on it. The intro will be skipped, and the main show will start automatically.

Parental control

If you share your Netflix account with your kid, this is very important to use two things. A KID profile and parental control. Parental control will let you set a 4-digit pin. A user, including you, needs to enter this pin every time whenever he/she wants to watch anything on Netflix. To get started, log into your Netflix account > hover your mouse over the arrow visible next to your profile icon > select Account. Alternatively, you can click this link. After that, select Parental controls under SETTINGS.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

Therefore, you need to enter your account password. Following that, click the Create PIN button, enter a 4-digit pin, and select the protection level.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

At last, click the Save button to save the parental control.

Change playback settings

There are two things you can do before watching a Netflix show or movie. First, you can let Netflix select the video quality based on your data speed and connection type. Second, you can choose a video quality based on your requirements. By default, Netflix uses the first option for new account holders. If you want to change it, go ahead and follow these steps. At first, open Netflix’s Settings page and click on Playback Settings button. Following that, choose a video quality and hit the Save button.

Change playback settings Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

There is another option to play next episode automatically.

Manually adjust streaming quality

If you do not like the method as mentioned above, you can use a keyboard shortcut to manage it manually. However, this is possible only on the web version of Netflix. You can change audio bitrate, video bitrate, and CDN. To use it, play any video on Netflix and press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S button together.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions-Manually adjust streaming quality

After getting the window, you can change all those things mentioned above.

Change subtitle appearance

If you are watching foreign movie or TV show, you might need the subtitle. However, subtitle needs to be clean to read that quickly. Otherwise, you may end up missing a scene while reading the subtitle. Netflix allows users change the subtitle appearance based on your requirements. For that head over to this page, and change the settings according to you.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

You can change font, text size, shadow, background color, etc.

Delete account activity

If you have watched a lot of shows and movies, Netflix will start showing recommendations based on that. Therefore, if you want to remove an additional row on the Netflix website or the app, you can delete the recent viewings from My Activity window. For that, open this page, and click the cross sign visible next to a TV show or movie.

Also, you can click the See recent account access button to check recent logins.

Learn keyboard shortcuts

If you are using Netflix, you should know the keyboard shortcuts so that you can control the screen without using a mouse and faster. Keyboard shortcuts are meant to make the performance smoother and quicker. Hence, you can apply these keyboard shortcuts on the web version of Netflix:

  • Space – Toggle Play/Pause
  • Enter: Toggle Play/Pause
  • F: Full-screen
  • Esc: Exit full-screen
  • Shift+Left arrow: Rewind
  • Shift+Right arrow: Fast Forward
  • Up arrow: Volume Up
  • Down arrow: Volume Down
  • M: Mute toggle

Download to watch offline

This “Download” option is available for Netflix app users only. Talking about the functionality, you can download any TV show and movie to watch that offline. Let’s assume that you are going to travel for few days and you may not have the internet connection during that period. Therefore, you can simply download your favorite TV show or movie to watch that without the internet connection. However, you must spend the bandwidth while downloading it. To get started, open any TV show or movie and click the Download button.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions-Download to watch offline

It will start the download within moments.


  • iOS 9 or later version
  • Android 4.4.2 or later version
  • Windows 10 V1607 or later version
  • Valid internet connection
  • Active Netflix account

Profile management

Netflix lets you create profiles so that you can share the same account with your family and they can keep watching their favorite shows all the times. If you make use of the profile feature, all the members would be able to manage shows, ratings, etc. Therefore, you can head over to the Manage profiles page, and select a profile that you want to edit or click the plus (+) sign to create another profile.

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions-Profile management

You can add a profile picture, change name, language, and allowed TV shows and films.

Watch movies based on preference

Netflix Tips Tricks Settings Extensions

This is probably the best website when you need to find out obscure films or TV shows. For example, you want to watch a horror movie that is released before 2004 or sports movie that is highly rated, added by Netflix, and released before 2008. All these things can be possible with This is a beneficial website that lets you find movies and TV shows based on your wish. It has a Leaving tab that features all the movies, and TV shows those are about to delete by Netflix. The Originals tab shows all the Netflix Originals. The best part is Other Countries, where you can find shows and= movies available in other countries.

Useful extensions you can use with Netflix

These two extensions are available for Google Chrome only.

Rotten Netflix: It helps you decide if you should watch a movie or not by displaying the rating and review.

Enhancer for Netflix: It lets you unhide secret categories so that you can watch more movies and TV shows. T

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