Qeexo is Developing New Ways to Interact with Touch Screens, A Better Human Computer Interaction


According to the team, it’s going to be a whole different touch experience. Qeexo, less a start-up more an inventor of ‘rich touch’ technology, is pioneering a software which can distinguish touch inputs between the fingertip, Knuckle, nail and a stylus. The software, namely, FingerSense is the first of its kind and has the caliber to foster new ways to interact with touch screens. It’s like having a right click option on every touch screen with our bare fingers.

FingerSense: New Ways to Interact with Touch Screens

Principle philosophy behind this software is more versatile than a that of a multipoint touch enabled input system. Although, multipoint touch had been an important breakthrough in touch input systems since 2007, but this is certainly a quantum leap to a whole new direction from the same origin. This modish technology enriches the basic usability of a touch enabled device.

Admittedly, it will make your touchscreen smarter as it will induce the power in it to sense every different thing, those are touching it like, fingertip, nail, knuckle and stylus. Further, it will make your touchscreen to precisely analyze the physical object and also to respond accordingly.


I think enough words already have been penned to clarify the truth. You can have a visual presentation on how it works from it’s developer’s website. As you can see on the video, you can use your knuckle and nails on your touchscreen to execute various operations like, copy-paste, share from the same page, quickly swap between pages and apps, draw, highlight and more. A perfect tool for creative minds.

Qeexo has earned a lot of positive nods from acclaimed OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and component manufacturers already and further developments are being decoded at a very fast rate.

Human-Computer Interaction: The Forerunners

A group of Ph.D students, working on the future of human computer interaction, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had foreseen this concept of rich touch and made it happen. Behind Qeexo these brilliant minds are working their day in, day out under the dynamic leadership of Chris Harrison, who is also one of the co-founders of the company and the assistant professor at the same educational institution.

He is currently working with sensing technologies and interaction techniques between human and an electronic gadget. Officially, FingerSense is one of the first finished products to hit the mass markets from this Human-computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon.

According to Sang Lee, co-founder and CEO of Qeexo, FingerSense will be smarter than just swiping multiple fingers across touchscreens and this current touch era is yet to reach the acme.


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