NirLauncher Lets You Open Any NirSoft Tool from One Place

Windows is popular for various reasons and availability of free software is one of them. Thanks to some awesome developers such as NirSoft, who create awesome software and release them at free of cost. If you often try to look for a free Windows utility, you might have already seen the NirSoft website, where you can download tons of software from. They always create portable software and to use all of their tools; you can download NirLauncher. It will let you open any NirSoft developed tool right from one window.

NirLauncher Lets You Open Any NirSoft Tool from One Place

As mentioned earlier and if you have already used NirSoft software, you might know that NirSoft creates portable tools those do not need installation at all. Just double-click on the executable file to run it on your machine. If you often use their various tools, you might get problem while opening and managing them on your computer. To solve that issue, you can check out this tool called NirLauncher. With the help of NirLauncher, you would be able to find all of their tool in one window, and hence, you would be able to open any one of them by just clicking twice.

UI of NirLauncher

The user interface of NirLauncher is neat and clean. The best part of this software is you can find some categories and all the tools are well categorized. There are some categories like Password Recovery, Network monitoring, Web Browser tools, Desktop utilities, and much more. You can head over to any category, find the desired tool based on category and need to open them on your machine. In case you do not know about any tool, you can check out the description or open the corresponding web page to know more.

Features/Options of NirLauncher

NirLauncher is a simple tool, and you may not find a lot of functionalities in this software. However, it does the job pretty well. Apart from opening NirSoft developed tools, you would be able to find some options to open any software with administrator privilege. To do so, right-click on any tool, and select “Run as administrator.”

Also, there is another option called Advanced Run that helps users open any tool with some command line parameters, environment variables string, etc. Apart from that, you can also open them in full-screen mode, select window type, check system architecture, etc.

Download and Use NirLauncher

To get started with NirLauncher, at first download it to your machine. As this is a portable software, you do not have to install it on your computer. Just extract the downloaded file and double-click on the executable file to run it on your machine. After opening, you should find a window like this-

NirLauncher Lets You Open Any NirSoft Tool from One Place

If you want to open any app, just double-click on that. After that, you would be able to use that on the go. As mentioned earlier, you can also click on different categories to explore them and find out the best suitable app.

That’s it! Hope you would like this software. If you want, you can download NirLauncher from here.

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