Nokia Lumia is Now Known as Microsoft Lumia

You know that Microsoft acquired Nokia few months back. After the acquisition, Nokia and Microsoft have launched several Lumia devices together. Recently, they have launched Nokia Lumia 830 and more other smartphones.

But, Microsoft has silently changed the brand name as well. That implies, all the Nokia Lumia phones would be known as Microsoft Lumia. It was nothing but a rumor that Microsoft can use the name, Microsoft Lumia and cut down Nokia. However, now, this is officially announced that Microsoft is going to use their name before Lumia instead of Nokia.

According to Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft, Microsoft wanted to do this after completing the acquisition. As per her statement, all the social channel names will be changed as well from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia in upcoming days.

Microsoft Lumia

Although, she told nothing about the next Microsoft Lumia phones but Microsoft have a plan to launch their first phone very soon. Microsoft has been working hard to see a desktop on every desk and now they want to grab the attention of mobile users. Lumia lovers will get the best service such as OneDrive and other Microsoft products, according to Tuula Rytilä.

You know that Nokia had an empire of mobile in several countries like India and more others. Nevertheless, unfortunately, they lost the market due to poor hardware and software alongside the operating system. That yields the acquisition. After that, Microsoft has launched couple of Lumia devices and some of them are great in terms of software and hardware. Microsoft has also introduced some great features in camera and other things.

According to some Lumia lovers, this brand name change does not mean anything. This is a fact that, Nokia as a mobile brand is much bigger than Microsoft as a mobile brand. May be, the total annual turnover is much higher than Nokia but would love to get a Nokia phone rather than Microsoft phone.

Then again, this name change will make issues in future. Old Nokia Lumia users can get issues for warranties and in addition administration focus. What do you think about this brand name change? Do you like Microsoft Lumia?


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