Nurph : Embed Chat In Your Blog Posts Using Twitter

Twitter has been one of the most popular media over the last couple of years. And over time great tools and services has evolved around Twitter. We have earlier talked about weird but useful things like sending same direct message to multiple users at once or how to post long tweets and many more. This time I am really happy to find a service that lets you chat using Twitter.


Nurph is a free online service that you can use to increase reader engagement in any post page by adding a chat based on Twitter account auto-embedded in that post.

How does Nurph work

The concept is pretty simple. Simply use the URL to generate a url and share it. Anyone who visits the link gets to see that post page with a nurph chat embedded in it. The users can login using their Twitter account credentials. This way every visitor gets to interact with other users visiting the same URL. So you gain sticking visitors who spends time around the post.


You can also use a similar url with a different purpose though. Create and share a url among your group (of friends) to chat with your buddies without needing any other chat tool.

How to generate a URL

There are two ways to do it :

1. Use the web-based URL generator on the Nurph Homepage. Enter your URL and hit the “Go” button. Thats all. You get your URL. All you have to do now is share it. Since the service is still in beta this part gives an error. So try the next step.


2. The service has also got its own browser bookmarklet that can be used to generate URL form any normal URL. Just drag the bookmarklet onto your browser bookmarks bar, open any url (that you wish to nurph) and hit the bookmarlet to generate the corresponding URL. Get the bookmarlet here.


The tool is really one of its kind. Though one thing I’ll advice is that if you are to use this service solely to increase reader participation make sure you have lots of them. Else I do not think this a great idea to annoy readers. However, it serves the purpose of being a (effortless) chat tool properly. The developers should consider decreasing the size of the embedded chat as to me it covers up quite a lot of space.


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