Ok Google Voice Search Command in Latest Released Version of Chrome Beta


Google just has added ok Google voice search command in the latest Released Version of Chrome Beta. Just say ‘Ok Google’ to start searching the web with latest released version of Chrome beta for Windows, Mac and Linux and needless to say also for Android devices(4.1 or higher). This ok Google hotword voice search command will made Chrome to listen your search query without even moving your head. A precise approach for minimalist.

Just ask Google for the best restaurant which prepares your favorite Cappuccino or start a timer for the marination of your favorite dish. Moreover with this app you can set Google Now reminders, set alarms, trigger local searches and get directions.

Now, the most important thing is how to active this feature? Don’t worry. It’s just like a walk in the park with these simple workarounds following.

Chrome Extension


Existing Chrome users had been enjoying this  Google’s Voice Search Hotword extension to enable this feature until this beta version release. Now one can directly download and install the latest released version of Google Chrome which has this feature in built. There are some complaints about this new feature is not working but I’m sure they will be carefully eliminated in recent future.

There are always some drawbacks of every invention or technological progress. Admittedly, new voice search app consumes a bit extra juice of your laptop’s battery while live recording and processing your voice commands.

If this is not seems like a necessary evil to you, there are ways you can customize this app. You can tell it not to record your voice for next 5 minutes or you can disable this app as long as you want from the Chrome settings page.


This new chrome beta release also got some important array of features under its belt like a new HTML attribute for responsive images,  an unprefixed version of the JavaScript Web Audio API and so more.

This is going to be rolled out to English (U.S.) users on Windows, Mac OS and Linux over the next few days. Added to this, support for additional languages and Chrome OS are coming soon. So for now, just speak your next search and play.

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