Switch To The Classic Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook has recently introduced a new photo viewer for Photo albums which allows you to preview the full size version of photos stored in a Facebook album, without leaving the current page. While this new Photo uploader from Facebook has received mixed reactions from the audience, some call it “pure distraction”.


One of my reader emailed me saying

“This new Facebook photo viewer is useless. When I click a new image from one of the photo albums, the new photo viewer pops up and takes up the whole screen. I want the default Facebook photo viewer back, is there any shortcut or browser plugin to use Facebook’s classic photo viewer ?”

Well, there are two ways to revert or use Facebook’s earlier photo viewer. And you don’t need any browser plugin, script or extension anyway.

Trick 1: While you’re browsing through a Facebook photo album and the new photo viewer pops up, simply hit the F5 key from your computer’s keyboard. This will refresh the page and bring back the older Facebook photo viewer.

Trick 2: Whenever you see the ugly Facebook photo viewer with a dark background, click the browser address bar and remove “&theater” from the URL and hit Enter. This will switch to the older Facebook photo layout.

Personally, I would prefer using the F5 trick or hitting the browser’s reload button because this one saves time from clicking the browser address bar, hitting the backspace key and then reloading the page. Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently disable Facebook’s new black background on any Photo album page. Or if there is one, let us know about it through a comment.

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