Onenote for Mac is Now a Reality

Microsoft’s most recent announcement bring smiles on most of the Mac user’s face. Onenote for Mac is now a reality. Until now OneNote was part of the Office 365 and Office 2013 editions on the PC, but not the Mac. The company finally released free desktop versions for PCs and Macs. Eventually, with this release, the cross-platform barrier is now over. You can now get OneNote for any platform you care about and thankfully, without investing a single buck.


Now, you can create note from one device and edit or share it from another. It, means whatever device you use in your daily life, OneNote will be in sync with all, always to keep you ahead. Added to this, more applications are in pipeline as OneNote cloud API helps developers to connect their application to it.

Information, ideas, pictures, web links, articles can be captured now seamlessly to make your note even more informative but also for a bright appearance. Moreover, you can send email directly to OneNote to save notes. Everything created with Onenote on your PC or on your Mac are send to OneDrive, formerly Skydrive, which can be accessed later from anywhere you want. Forget about the cloud storage as Microsoft account gives up to 7 GB of storage with no monthly upload limit.

Microsoft released the free version of this app to provide ultimate solution to the users for document management. An array of features like, saving web pages to OneNote using OneNote clipper, emailing information to OneNote using, capturing document with windows phone using Office Lens, sending articles from your favorite RSS readers like Feedly, News360, Weave and document scanning by Brother, DoxieGo, Epson & Neat are available. Magical. Right?



Onenote as Web Clipper


Clip the web using OneNote clipper, a browser extension on most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Anything interesting in your eyes can be clipped and saved under quick notes section on OneNote instantly, by just one click. Also, each capture is saved in a new page at the bottom of the all pages. Moreover, you can search texts, words within the capture as it supports OCR.

There is a shortcut key for Windows users ‘Ctrl+E’ for quick search through the contents across all notebooks. One can drag and drop files in OneNote, insert them as an attachment.There is also the facility to export notes or a page to PDF, word or HTML.

Send mail to to save notes


Yes. You can send emails to your personal OneNote account to save notes, directly on Onenote. Just send all of your shopping lists, to-do lists, documents, images, anything you can think of. Just a mere email to your personal OneNote account ( from any Microsoft account using web or outlook or your phone. Later, you can get access to those offline or online anywhere anytime through OneNote.

OneNote organizes your all notes in colorful tab sections. Like our old paper notebooks. One can add texts, images, tables and much more in a page. OneNote’s menu includes text formatting tool for any kind of design you want to make. Moreover, it also provides the most useful format painter tool just like we have in MS document.

The list of features does not end here. Being a note taking app it has all the qualities like, an inbuilt thesaurus, a spell checker and language translation tool. In the Windows desktop version you can draw, handwrite anywhere on the note which is extremely helpful for teachers, project leaders, colleagues for pointing or notifying purposes. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Mac users presently. Surely, Onenote team is looking after this matter to solve it soon.

Awesome apps


Use office lens as a pocket scanner and save your scanned document to OneNote. Whether on whiteboard or blackboard, business card or sticky notes, this app will always help you to capture information as notes and save it to OneNote. Other popular document scanners which are integrated to this app are Brother, DoxieGo, Epson and Neat. Popular mobile document scanning apps like, Genius scan and Jotnot also offers the same functionality.

Even, If you want to scan your entire physical notebook for a digitized version of it, Mod Notebook can do it for you for you. Surprisingly, everything just look possible in Onenote suddenly with these brilliant applications.

OneNote still ships with Office. Premium version of OneNote give features like share point support, Version history, Outlook integration and so on, but most of the basic features are available in free version. So, it’s really not a big deal if you don’t have access to the premium version. You still can get the most awesome experience of one note with its visually bright interface and strong formatting features everywhere when required.

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