Onenote MX Preview for Windows 8 Metro Released

After successfully delivering Office 13 Metro Preview, Microsoft released their first office app Onenote MX designed with a Metro approach for touchscreen users running Windows 8 on their devices. Onenote MX is a digital note creating and organizing app. It comes with SkyDrive integration, hence, you can edit notes from other devices that are in syn with your SkyDrive.


Although I am using Onenote on my Android device, which works just fine, but the Windows 8 variant is is richer in features and design. Install it from Windows Store. let’s take a quick look at it.


If you are on its working interface you will find a circular edit pen on the screen. You can find all the tools that you need the most to create or edit notes. You will not find all of the editing options when you start but things will gradually unveil themselves eventually as you keep working on notes.


As you start writing down notes, you will e presented with more formatting options. To change the font colors, select the text and click on the adjacent formatting dial which would automatically pop up with common options you need while editing texts. The arrow heads directed out from the perimeter of the edit pane will offer you advanced options.


Moreover, the radial menu will allow you to paste items into your notes, which is one of the most required features expected from a document editor. Users can also insert images or pictures in their notes, taken from device’s camera or webcam and local files as well. It also enables its users to write-up to-do lists with check boxes, tag items, insert tables and more.

The most fascinating one in the array of features it possesses is that, users can digitally pen their notes within it using a device that has a stylus for ease of use.

However, many similar apps are available, Evernote, Springpad are some notable names. They are pretty well at note taking and also offer unique approches to note taking but lacks the most debatable Metro approach till date. One thing is for sure, Microsoft tried their heart out to make it a better choice for the new age finger friendly users.


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