Some Online Alarm Clock Websites Worth Trying

Do you fall asleep in front of your computer and need an online clock which can remind you of important tasks? Or may be you want to assign yourself a fixed amount of time for a particular work. These alarm clock do not requires anything to be installed in your system. Just head over to the alarm clock website, set a timer, pick an alarm sound (louder is better) and you are done. Just remember to check your system’s sound and see that it isn’t muted

Earlier we have seen a trick to set an online timer for any website. Here are some more online alarm clocks worth exploring:

1. KukuKlok – Simplest Online Alarm Clock

Kukuklok is one of the simplest alarm clock I have seen. The interface is quite friendly and you can pick different sounds for the alarm. Works quite the same way as normal alarm systems – set a timed interval, pick a sound and wait for the alarm to go Boom !

Simple online alarm clock
Online alarm clock

2. Music Alarm Clock – Wake up with a Radio Sound

Music Alarm clock is yet another internet alarm clock but with a difference. You can choose the alrm clock sound as you wish – either choose a song from the drop down list options or select a radio station. The song will start playing when the alarm time is reached. A great idea !

Internet Alarm clock
Internet alarm clock with in built radio station

Online Clock – Alarm Clock and Stop Watch Side by Side

Online Clock shows the timer in digital clock style, much like a stopwatch. The site lets you set alarms for a specific hour of the day and also features a stopwatch – you can use it as a countdown as well. Online is one of the first Internet based alarm clocks, and it also has an online radio service – you can set a radio alarm for your favorite genre.

Online alarm and stopwatch

Online Video Clock – Play a YouTube Video as Alarm

Online Video Clock takes a different yet cool approach. You can set a YouTube video as an alarm and this site can play the same YouTube video once the alarm time in reached. Nice way to start your day !

You may also want to check out Online Egg Timer – a free website for stopwatch and countdown timers. Using this site you can start a stopwatch or a countdown – hence measure the amount of time spent on any work.

Tip: Play a sound alarm when your laptop is powered off.


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