Online Egg Timer: Multiple Countdown Timers

There are times when you may need an online countdown timer to record the time spent in some specific work. Or you may be playing a game with a friend and want to compare times required to finish game levels, using a stop watch.

Online StopWatch and CountDown Timers

Online Egg Timer is a web service which provides multiple countdown timer watches. As the name suggests, by using this tool, you can boil multiple eggs in different containers in the same time span that is one can set time for three different works.

Online Stop Watch Timers

These timer watches can be started, paused and restarted any time whenever required and the time can be modified easily by modifying the following URL format for- watch 1/Seconds-for-watch2/Seconds-for-watch3

Just click on ‘start timers’ and the website will start the stop watches and wait for you to hit the “Stop” button.It is a free and easy to use web service, turns out that Online EggTimer can be a very useful time management tool as well.

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