Open Links From Firefox In Other Browsers- IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari

Firefox has always been my favorite browser because of the collection of add-ons it has and the “feel good factor”. Sure, Google Chrome is fast, sleek and the modern trend but I find Google Chrome a bit less interesting (apart from extension, bookmark or tab sync)

So when you are reading a blog post or a webpage, sometimes, you may want to open the same link from Firefox in a different browser. You may want to see how the website’s design looks in other browser or test other aspects. It’s a pain to first copy the address bar link, launch another browser from Windows start menu and then paste the link in the address bar.

The Open With Add-on for Firefox helps simplifying the process by adding custom items in Firefox context menu, tab bar and View Menu, thus allowing you to open a link from Firefox in any other browser – Chrome, Safari, opera or Internet Explorer.

You can simply right click a webpage and select “Open with Google Chrome” or “open with Internet Explorer” and the same link will be instantly opened in the chosen browser. Else, you can activate the buttons in the tab bar and use them for quickly switching links between browsers.

So if you are designing something and want to know how your website looks in IE or other browsers, this add-on is really going to help a lot.


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