Open Multiple Pages or Bookmarks in Firefox With One Click

Firefox has a nice feature which allows you to open multiple bookmarks and webpages in one click. Just bookmarks all the sites in one folder, right click the folder and choose “Open All in tabs”.

Another option is to specify a list of URL’s in Firefox options, just separate the URL’s with a comma. When you start Firefox, these website(s) will load in new tabs automatically. (see example)

Both these features are good but if your bookmark folders is not short and contains a whole lot of pages, you need a smart alternative.

Let’s say you want to open your email, Facebook account, Twitter account, Blog account, Adsense, Google Analytics and other websites in new tabs every morning. You want an easier option to open multiple pages with a single click and don’t want to click each bookmark from the bookmarks toolbar.

In such cases, Morning Coffee extension will be very useful. The add-on lets you create customized profiles and sets of bookmarks, which can be opened with a single click. After the add-on is insalled, you will notice a small Cofee cup icon placed just left to the browser address bar.

Go ahead in the add-on preferences and you can add your favorite sites to any day or every day of the week.

The interesting part is that Morning Coffee can open different pages on Firefox start, depending upon the present day of the week. You may want to open a specific set of sites on a specific day of the week, just add the list in the add-on preferences and you are done.

When you start Firefox, the add-on will detect the today’s day and open all the pages in new tabs. Very handy, when you want to have a quick access list of sites to open and don’t want the long bookmarks bar nagging in the middle.

By the way, you can use Morning Coffee to open a set of sites at any time of the day, not just morning. Did I told you that you can open multiple pages and automatically login with a Greasemonkey script ?


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