Twittus Organizes Twitter Updates On Your Facebook Timeline

Cross posting Tweets on your Facebook account can be achieved through several tools and apps.

For example, you can use TweetDeck to post a tweet on your Twitter account and share the same message in your Facebook account as a status update. TweetDeck supports multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts and it is ideally suited, if you are looking for an easy way to post selected or all of your Twitter updates on your personal Facebook profile or business pages (also known as fan pages).

Personally, I prefer using Selective tweets – an awesome Facebook application that keeps a watch on your Twitter feed and cross posts tweets into your Facebook account, provided you have added a unique identifier hash tag to the tweet. I use “#fb” as the identifier hash tag and add it to any tweet which I want to cross post on my Facebook timeline. The advantage of using Selective tweets over desktop apps is that you can use it from any platform or device ( e.g Android), without having to worry about installations, logins and rigorous setups.

But there is another problem which is largely ignored by people who post a lot of tweets on Facebook.

Your tweets that are posted on Facebook remain scattered across the timeline and there is no way to group tweets on your Facebook profile or search for an older tweet that was posted on Facebook. Your Facebook timeline becomes cluttered with random updates from Twitter and it may appear as spam to your Facebook friends. The common Facebook audience is generally ignorant on the existence of Twitter and many people don’t have any clue about what “tweets” are.

If you want to organize all tweets into your Facebook timeline and make a dedicated tweets box which would display all your tweets in a single location, try Twittus.

group tweets in Facebook profile


Twittus is a simple Facebook app which can be used to cross post all tweets from any Twitter account, the app also organizes all your cross posted Tweets on Facebook into a sleek activity box (screenshot above). The app will first asks for the Twitter profile whose tweets you want to post on Facebook. Enter your Twitter handle and you’re through, the apps takes care of the cross posting out of the box.

Twittus uses Facebook’s activity log feature to group all the tweets at Another great advantage of using Twittus is that you can choose a custom privacy setting for all the cross posted tweets.

For example, you can create a new Facebook friend list e.g Twitter friends and share the cross posted tweets to friends who belong to this list only. Probably the biggest advantage of Twittus is that all your tweets are safely backed up in your Facebook timeline and you can search old tweets using Facebook’s app search feature.

The following video shows how Twittus works and groups tweets on your Facebook timeline:

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